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There are all sorts of information, perceptions and realities out there about Multilevel Marketing (MLM).

Some say it is a scam, some say it is overrated, some say it is full of tricks, people say all sorts.

Truth is though, quite some people have had one or two or even several personal unfulfilling experiences with MLM and then many other people who are told of such experiences have magnified them.

And guess what? Bad news spreads faster than good news.

So it is not unlikely that when you are told about MLM, your first thought will go to some of those experiences you most likely have hard about.

But let me attempt to tell you what the real problem is with MLM the way some people have done it and are still doing it.

The way some people carry on their MLM prospecting is such that paints a very rosy, charming, wowing, easy-does-it and no-work-required promise.

These presentations are often very compelling, but the problem is that, a number of the people who those sort of presentations often attract are people who themselves also are looking for the easy way to wealth. Most of them usually people who are either unemployed and seeking some quick monies or people desperately seeking alternative easier streams of income. Of course there is nothing wrong with seeking alternative income streams, in fact you are strongly advised to.

The problem is, these people are most likely people who typically have not been able to supply the kinds of work ethic required for business success wherever they were prior to MLM. They then come in with unrealistic expectations of both expected earnings and required mental and strategic work to be done. And after they come on, there usually is no real regular Training to equip them for Sales, Negotiation, Persuasion, General Business success. Those who brought them in of course have moved on to bring other people in, neglecting the more sustainable strategy of team building.

The result is that they soon get tired, discouraged, disappointed and even frustrated and they eventually abandon the business. But of course that’s not the only thing that happens, they then go about spreading that frustration in of course magnified forms.

There is no secret anywhere, in the business of MLM, you can make as much money as you wish and are willing to work for. I know three people who earn between $3,000 and $18,000 every week; all three are everyday people like you and me and they all began by making the decision in spite of the fears and the opinions out there. That’s the difference between those who will not make it and those who will. The former will be busy analyzing opinions while the latter begins, and in few months the difference would be clear.

Unlike many other MLM platforms where you are required to keep buying products and referring people regularly and compulsorily too; in LONGRICH, the compensation plan is designed in such a way that does not need your continuous deployment of resources and energy necessarily for you to earn and grow. The efforts of subsequent people reward you continuously into the future.

People are earning money, quit the analysis and start earning today.


Reach me on phone: +233548915728; Email: OR fill in your details below, I”ll contact you.

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