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Fluoride-Free Toothpaste 100g

One Toothpaste, Triple Effects
1. Fluorine-free decay resistance: White tea essence prevents decay and improves dental roots conditions;

2. Deep cleansing: The antiseptic and soft silicon abrasives give you a clean mouth with white teeth and fresh breath;

3. Gum strengthening: Strontium chloride and composite aloe extract protects you against teeth
sensitivity (cold, heat, acidity and sweetness)
4. Contains antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties.
5. Suitable for for all ages from 2 years.
Helps Treat
Bad Breath
Tooth Decay
Bleeding Gum
Coloration of teeth
Teeth sensitive to cold hot and sweet substances.


Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Milk

Essence of Sheep Placenta, refresh youthful vigor,
1. Contains placenta essence, Liposome SOD, vitamin E and other nutrients.
2. Has great affinity for the skin, able to penetrate and help to improve damaged skin.
3. Effective nourishment and protection for supple, radiant, and vigorous youthful skin.


Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Efficiency cleanser by bamboo charcoal

Refined bamboo charcoal ingredients absorb dirt and remove excessive grease.

Coconut oil essence preserves moisture and moistens your skin.

Natural cleaning ingredients freshen and smooth your skin.

Mild formula particularly suitable for neutral and oily skin.
Clears warts, acne, scars
For neutral and oily skin, recommended for daily use.


Longrich Calcium

Daily intake of calcium is good for strong bone and teeth.
It helps prevent osteoporosis.
It helps pregnant women to prevent high blood pressure and maternal death.
It aids and promotes secretion of hormones.
It inhibits the formation of kidney stones.
It strengthens and improves memory.
Consistent calcium intake can assist in weight management.
It reduce risk of adenomas ( non- malignant tumors) in the colon which is a precursor to colon cancer.
It lowers blood pressure and the risk of hypertension.
It is good for arthritis patients.



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