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We recently carried out a survey on some chat rooms to find out which Longrich product is the people’s favourite. Here is a collation of the feedback:



Aidee: My bullet proof against infections
Funmilayo: helps to eliminate rashes and infection
Lizzy: keeps me free from infection, takes care of my hip bone and ankle pains.
Blessing: saved me from cramps and pad rash
Mayowa: keeps me fresh, dry and expels old blood from my system.
Bunmi: I stopped having boils in my private part after 10 days of using it
Zyna took care of my painful menstrual and ovulation pains
JoyRich: no more dysmenorrhea and stains during monthly period
Inemesit: been breaking the fibroids inside me.
Busayo: speed up the healing process of episiotomy, and within two weeks. My go-to product for speeding up healing process and preventing infection.
Amaka: it gives me a comfy feeling outside my home
Sil: I used notice small boils on my private part about two times or more in a month. But since I started using the longrich pantyliner it stooped completely
Chika: been goodbye to menstruation pains
Judy: my bullet proof protects me from all kinds of Infections
Loveth: Stopped serious menstrual pains on my house help.
Linda: stopped my menstrual cramps and absorbs very well and makes me so comfortable.
Jesusmyall: stopped a client’s painful period…
Peace: for keeping me clean always under
Mfonobong: keeps fresh & clean all day
Muna: enhances my menstrual flow and keep me clean and dry.
Annie: it normalises my heavy menstrual flow…
Marian: ​helped to control my flow & treat infections
Itoro: the gel is magical for heat rashes on babies
Emem: no more infections and sexual pains.
Felicia: keeps me clean and free from infections, takes away the pains
Tehilerich: I can’t use public toilet without the liners on
Jane: protection from reoccurring infections
Bridget: Before now, I used to itch on a monthly basis – before or after my period. Hmm… It was always so inconveniencing. Now, I cannot remember the last time I had the itching sensation. It is now a thing of the past.
Amaka: has helped to shrink the fibroid and the excruciating pain I use to have. It is also very effective for me every day by reliving stress helping me have a fatigue free day. It’s my bullet proof against infections. The odour it removes and makes me fresh during my period cannot be quantified.



Aidee: took care of my bleeding gum and gives me fresh breath round the clock
Charity: relieves pain from varicose vein
Zacchaeus: helps to prevent tooth aches /decay and mouth odours
Chioma: it helps in freshens the breath and whitens the teeth
Nicholas: it kills all black spot in my face
Blessing: saved me from bleeding gum and tartar.
Mayowa: has eliminated bad breath in both young and old in my family
Inemesit: it treated my son’s mouth odour
JoyRich: healed my brother in-laws gum inflammation and my husband’s toothache.
Olatunde: performs wonders in my mouth, it keeps the my mouth refresh all day
Blessing: usual tooth shock vanished
Tina: It takes care of my tooth issues and still does…
Loveth: stopped Tooth decay problem on my son and prevented mine from developing
Angel: keeps me fresh all day don’t need to chew gum any long to have my fresh breath
Oreose: I used to have sensitive toothpaste and terrible toothache. I have not experienced this since I started using Longrich toothpaste.
Longrich is Bae: All dark stains on my teeth cleared!
Jesusmyall: took care of my cousin’s toothache
Richlaw: has cured tooth sensitivity and I’ve strangely not visited my dentist since I started using it, reduced gum swelling for a colleague
Peace: for taking care of all my dental issues
Ruth: No more toothache.
Onajite: It painlessly pulled out the pieces of my husband’s shattered tooth from its bed and healed the gum.
Babeibi: has stopped me from going to the dentist every month for S & P
Joy: gives fresh breath all day
Muna: treats my sensitive teeth
Precious: makes my mouth fresh all day
Abigail: refreshes my breath
Annie: it so freshens my breath
Marian: stopped my bleeding gums & toothache & i feel fresh all day long
Emem: fresh breath, no more bleeding gum
Uju: not just for my teeth but for my children skin for any ant bite
Akunna: It boosts my confidence when I smile
Benedict: my teeth are becoming whiterrrrr
Felicia: enables me keep my mouth fresh and bold enough to talk well and also kiss my partner well.
Tehilerich: cures my sensitive teeth problem and itching gum after eating peperish food
Binkyz: gives me 24hrs fresh breath.
Elizabeth: has stopped all my teeth problems
Stella: my girls even use it as cleanser on their faces, it removes pimples so well.
Emelike: takes away all form of ache from the tooth
Elizabeth: gives a super clean and fresh breath throughout the day



Yewande: makes my body clean and fresh

Asikiya: keeps my skin glowing.
Shola: I have symptoms of dry skin, so am particular about my creams. I just love the texture and how it moisturises MY skin
Tehilerich: soothes the skin and leaves it tender fresh and romantic


Charity: takes care of my stubborn pimples, gives me a sweet sixteen look.
Margaret: I feel refreshed after each bath
Loveth: cleans my skin better
Asikiya: keeps my face from being oily
Dinma: The fragrance is to die for, it tickles my senses
Akunna: cream and Soap makes me glow.
Binkyz: it keeps my skin glowing and
Elizabeth: In just two weeks, I was amazed, I noticed my original skin began restoring…as I speak, it is just three weeks and now and my skin has completely been restored.


Efusola: Keeps me dry all day long and doesn’t give my clothes any sweaty odour
Margaret: keeps me fresh all day by preventing sweaty odour
Phoebe: keeps me fresh all day.
Joy: keeps me fresh all day
Jenny: helps my body stay fresh and smell nice all day long
Tehilerich: Always feeling dry and comfortable no matter the amount of Sunshine


Phoebe: I don’t complain of acidity anymore
Zyna: took care of my ulcer of many years.
Olatunde: gives me strength
Favour: took care of my sleepless nights
Amaka: works like the doctor on the go for me.
Felicia: I can boldly drink good water and feel safe knowing that the alkaline water is best for me.
Oluchi: enables me drink immune boosting, body detoxifying alkaline water enriched with anions, zinc, and other vital minerals everywhere I go


Lizzy: brings out my beauty from within, keeps me youthful and also takes care of my sight
Joy: made my menstrual period of 11yrs to start flowing very well. For 11yrs I was seeing my period only once a day with little flow. But when I started taking my berry oil & use my liner the story changed.
Babeibi: improved my hormonal balance & Ulcer case
Oluchi: Improves sight, skin (anti-aging), protects the kidney, prevents ulcers, just love the skin glowing benefits


Jenny: the fragrance is wonderful and each time I use it, I sleep like a baby and no mosquito music is heard.
Bunmi: works wonders on my kids.
Mute: it works like a charm. I have never regretted using it


Jenny: excellent, it doesn’t only clean my hair to the roots, it keeps my hair silky.
Amaka: it took care of my stubborn dandruff.
Oge: no more itching & dandruff.
Marian: has given my VIRGIN hair a new look.
Dinma: makes my hair smell fresh and makes me feel confident
Goodluck: just spot on for my hair.
Atsuah: for my long and silky hair without dandruff



Bukola: rejuvenates me after menstruation
Oge: keeps me free from waist & joint pains
Mfonobong: Calcium helps in building my bones.
Shola: So sweet and effective.



Bukola: has been softening my hands gradually.



Amina: with it, I dissed my inhaler away. No single attack since I joined Longrich
Chika: been goodbye to sore throats.
Ahomy: No more cough and sore throat for anyone at home
Marian: no more cough & catarrh
Itoro: clears airways
Richlaw: aside the cough it relieves, no need for chewing gum



Judy: makes me have a sound sleep
Loveth: so nice aroma n immediate energy
Abigail: its aroma is wao
Amaka: I love the aroma and feel in my mouth
Tehilerich: calms the nerves at night energises the body
Oluchi: decaffeinated, enriched with cordyceps vitamins and amino acids, boosts immunity.
Elizabeth: enables me to be alert and work all night whenever the need arises


Judy: makes me energetic and active

Loveth: Stopped serious head ache.

Favour: took care of liver enlargement


Rob: A woman in UK who was bound to the wheelchair started walking again to the surprise of her doctors after using the energy shoes

Amaka: its silky feel and scent
Oluchi: hydrating, deep cleansing formula with sunscreen, anti-bacterial and skin healing properties. Love the awesome scent.
Goodluck: I love the fragrance of and its refreshing feel on d skin


Tehilerich: to detoxify my system after every synthetic drug for malaria and Typhoid.

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