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“Everyone dreams of success, but only a few eventually realize their dreams because most of them cannot find a good platform suitable for their career. Longrich provides exactly such a platform for all who have longed for success and never stopped pursuing their dreams.”

Mr. Xu, Zhiwei (俆之伟)
– Chairman of Jiangsu Longliqi Bioscience Co., Ltd.

– MBA, Senior Economist

– Representative of Provincial People’s Congress (Jiangsu – 10th, 11th, 12th)

– Influential Man in China Household Care Industry

– Top 10 Creditable Entrepreneurs in China

– Top 25 Outstanding Chinese Managers

– The Most Influential Man in China’s Cosmetic Industry

Direct sales companies generated over $150 Billion in revenue worldwide in 2002.

Over 91 Million people worldwide earn extra income through Direct selling and entrepreneurship and are giving back to their society.

Longrich is number 10 in DSN Top 10 Asian companies and number 44 in 2012 DSN Global for 2012 (Longrich Jiangsu Longliqi)

It is an opportunity to be in a good environment in which everybody has an equal right to succeed (Russia).

The time we have, the freedom we enjoy… Being able to travel all over the world …. It’s incredible, our lives has changed tremendously (Spain).

It really did change our lives for the better (united Kingdom).

The simple dreams of being able to live without direct debt means everything … because it connects to your health, it connect to how you love somebody else (Indonesia).

Now I could design a life where I could help people, empower people and really achieve the things that I wanted my life to be about (united states of America).

My lifestyle has changed dramatically. Its freedom (France).

I can’t explain the happiness I got after achieving the success. I feel I’m really free with my life (Sri Lanka).

That was a dream for me to provide a world –class education to my children (India).

We get along better and I want to tell you that this is something huge for us …. For our lives, it’s marginal to be part of this (El Salvador).

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