All About Network Marketing

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What is Network Marketing?
Simply, Network is the process of developing a network (or an organization) of people who use a product or service and share that products or service with their friends, relatives, and independent distributors. As individual share the product or service, their network organization grows larger and larger. They are compensated both for their own personal retail sales and for the volume of retail business that is generated by the people they train and lead in their network.
For nearly 50 years network marketing has been providing opportunities for people who wanted to start businesses they could run from their homes to create additional income and give them greater control in their lives. This innovative method of marketing has grown to become a $50-billion dollar industry that involves all economic strata in virtually every developed country of the world.

How Network Marketing Works
Successful business people have spent the time and energy to learn what it takes to success in their field. If you wanted to be as successful as they are, the logical thing to do would be to pattern yourself after them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to have them teach you what they known and shorten the learning, curve? The average conventional business-owner probably would not want to invest the time or effort on your behalf.

What do they have to gain?
That is where network marketing differs.
Successful network marketing business people have everything to gain by teaching their sponsored distributors to be as successful as they are! This is known as the principle of Duplication, and it means teaching others to do as you have done to duplicate your success And with LONGRICH INTERNATIONAL, there are exponential benefits to this principle.
First, you success by becoming a LONGRICH INTERNATIONAL independent distributor, Then you teach your distributors –a firm foundation of people who have joined you in a common cause-to follow the simple steps you have followed and duplicate your success. Then, with your help, they each teach distributors who teach their distributors, and you know it, you have built your own independent distributor organization and financial side of LONGRICH INTERNATIONAL Success!

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