Innovative Products for Health & Anti-Aging

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Longrich Hand Cream

Designed to tackle issues such as skin irritation, allergic reactions etc


  1. Rich in vitamins needed for the skin
  2. Has the ability to treat allergic reaction caused by chemical contents of local soaps
  3. Rich in protein, Vitamin A & various types of high moisturizing ingredients
  4. Repairs dry and dehydrated skin

Call ☎️ +233548915728 or Whats-app – +233572883217

Longrich Professional White Tea Toothpaste

Wouldn’t you just love a toothpaste that can handle everything dental issues?

This product is more than ordinary toothpaste, it’s made from natural herbs and it helps to kill the bacteria that eats up the gum, whitens the teeth and freshens the breath. It’s a testimony for people with tooth problems. It comes in 200g pack. It is economical and family friendly (Suitable for use from age 2 years and above).

Functional features include:

  1. Fluorine-free decay resistance: the composite ingredients (white tea essence, CaGP, and xylitol) can strengthen your teeth at the root and prevent decay.
  2. Deep cleaning: the combination of TCS and soft abrasive can make your mouth clean and healthy.
  3. Reinforcing the gum: the blend of strontium chloride and aloe extract can protect the gum and strengthen your teeth at the root.
  4. Tackles Bad breathe/mouth odor.
  5. Has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties of green tea.
  6. Contains antibacterial and anti-fungal agents.
  7. It is sugar free, thereby of great benefit to diabetic patients.

Call ☎️ +233548915728 or Whats-app – +233572883217

Superbklean Sanitary Napkin

Superbklean was designed for security, comfort, supporting women’s health and cost effective. It’s Medication-Free and Chemical-Free. To Give You the Benefits of Health, Comfort and Cost Effective, Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pad come in 8 Layers (Most of the sanitary napkins in the market have only 3 to 5 layers.


• Each year, over 300,000 women die of cervical cancer all over the world
• The youngest patient of cervical cancer aged only 18 and unmarried. According to the date by WHO in 2008, 40% of adult females are afflicted with infections of the reproductive system and other gynecological diseases to various degrees. The prevalence is as high as 83.6% among married women.


• According to a survey from the WHO, over 62% of the diseases, including cancers, were caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins.

8 Layers of Care 

1st layer – Premium soft surface: Ultra comfort and stay fresh.
2nd layer – Unique Three – Dimensional Flaps: Prevents side leakage.
3rd layer – Magnetic, Anion and Far Infrared Strip: Prevent odor and relieve menstrual discomforts
4th layer – Soft Air-laid Paper: Enhance softness and freshness.
5th layer – Absorbing Paper: Super absorbent keeping the surface dry.
6th layer – Soft Air-laid Paper: Enhance softness and freshness.
7th layer – Air Permeable Bottom Layer: Eliminate moisture and heat fast, for freshness.
8th layer – Innovative Release Film.

Call ☎️ +233548915728 or Whats-app – +233572883217 

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