How do people make money from Longrich

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Longrich is a business opportunity, in essence you buy stock for personal use or resell. The good part is your money is back and you still stand a chance to benefit on points value (PV)s. You introduce three people to buy or simply become members or partners.

As any multilevel marketing business, the more you grow your tree the more you benefit. One other thing is that it’s not like any other network marketing businesses.

You points accumulate based on your recruitment. Members who worked progressively based on three members plus three per down line earn per week depending on the amount people bought with and signed up.

It happened, my wife got paid for six weeks in succession from as little as 120zar to 1500ZAR and still growing.

I now joined and got my membership number. Longrich is real and is multinational company. I’m not promoting Longrich but it promote itself.

For more information go to

Whatsapp +233548915728

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