How Network marketing Works(Longrich)

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You do this all the time, probably without even realizing it. You advertise for others for free.

When you enjoy a meal at a restaurant, and you tell others about it, you’re advertising for that restaurant.

When you’ve seen a good movie and you tell your friends, you’re advertising that movie.

The thing is you don’t get paid for doing that.

With Network Marketing however, you do get paid for promoting the company’s products.

So, when you join Longrich you become an independent marketer for the company.

You are not employed by Longrich but you will get paid when you promote the Longrich opportunity and products and that promotional activity results in sales for the company.

The exciting thing is you will get paid in multiple ways eventually.

When the people you introduce to Longrich end up sharing the concept with their friends, you will also earn a commission when those people buy products. This works on many levels (generations).

Many people ask “do I need to sell products?”. The answer is no, although you can if you choose.

You can join, never sell a single product, and still earn a fortune by referring the concept to others and then helping them refer to others and so on. When you have hundreds of people in your ‘downline’ you can earn a lot of money.

If you join Longrich by filling in the application form

you will get the best training in the world. We will show you how to do this.

This is a SIMPLE business. You will get paid according to the effort you put in however.

If you’re prepared to learn and work hard you can achieve your dreams.


Depending on which ENTRY level you choose when joining, you will earn between 8% and 12% as a Performance Bonus.


GOLD = 10%


Here’s how it works:

PV stands for Point Value. Each product has a PV assigned to it.
You have to build 2 teams (legs) and you need to have sales volume (PV) on both legs.
You will be paid on the leg with the lowest PV volume.
Example. You have 500 PV on one leg and 650PV on your second leg. As a PLATINUM member you will be paid 12% of 500PV for that week. This is $60 which equates.


  1. The calculation is based on your placement tree.
    2. No monthly maintenance order required.
    3. Paid to unlimited levels (generations).
    4. The volume of the leg with the higher PV is carried over to the next week.
    5. An exchange rate of 10 is used against the American $.
    6. If you have 3 legs, you will be paid on the combined PV of your two smaller legs for that week.
    7. It pays you to help your team introduce other people and to teach them to do the same.
    8. The volume comes from new ENTRY orders (new team members) and maintenance orders from existing team members.

In addition to the Performance Bonus, there is also a weekly Development Bonus, Leadership Bonus and Repeat Order Bonuses plus many incentives. You will learn more about this when you join.

Whatsapp 0548915728/+233548915728 to assist in how to start

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