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What is Network Marketing?
Simply, Network is the process of developing a network (or an organization) of people who use a product or service and share that products or service with their friends, relatives, and independent distributors. As individual share the product or service, their network organization grows larger and larger. They are compensated both for their own personal retail sales and for the volume of retail business that is generated by the people they train and lead in their network.
For nearly 50 years network marketing has been providing opportunities for people who wanted to start businesses they could run from their homes to create additional income and give them greater control in their lives. This innovative method of marketing has grown to become a $50-billion dollar industry that involves all economic strata in virtually every developed country of the world.

How Network Marketing Works
Successful business people have spent the time and energy to learn what it takes to success in their field. If you wanted to be as successful as they are, the logical thing to do would be to pattern yourself after them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to have them teach you what they known and shorten the learning, curve? The average conventional business-owner probably would not want to invest the time or effort on your behalf.

What do they have to gain?
That is where network marketing differs.
Successful network marketing business people have everything to gain by teaching their sponsored distributors to be as successful as they are! This is known as the principle of Duplication, and it means teaching others to do as you have done to duplicate your success And with LONGRICH INTERNATIONAL, there are exponential benefits to this principle.
First, you success by becoming a LONGRICH INTERNATIONAL independent distributor, Then you teach your distributors –a firm foundation of people who have joined you in a common cause-to follow the simple steps you have followed and duplicate your success. Then, with your help, they each teach distributors who teach their distributors, and you know it, you have built your own independent distributor organization and financial side of LONGRICH INTERNATIONAL Success!

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The LONGRICH Product Of The Day (1) is White Tea Multi-effect TOOTHPASTE.

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The ingredients in Longrich toothpaste were carefully researched to ensure every aspect of dental care was taken care of. A blend of these ingredients give the following results. 

1.fills a dentist dream: With a blend of key ingredients like xylitol, sorbitol, calcium glycerophosphate (CaGP), aloe vera extract and green tea extract, the Longrich toothpaste is the dream of every dentist.

2. Deep Cleansing: The combination of trisodium phosphate, TCS (similar to mild antiseptic –TCP) and soft abrasives keeps the teeth and mouth clean and free of harmful micro-organisms.

3. Natural Disinfectant/Fresh breath: The multi-effect white tea and mint essence disinfects and maintains dental freshness for over 24 hours

4. Reduces Dental hypersensitivity: Strontium Chloride is the key ingredient in Longrich toothpaste responsible for eliminating all forms of tooth sensitivity to environmental conditions like cold, acidity, sweetness, or shock.

5.Treats and prevents dental decay/caries: The major cause of cavities and tooth decay is acidity. Synthetic sugars in most toothpastes are usually broken down within the oral cavity to acids. Longrich toothpastes contain two natural sugars, sorbitol and xylitol, which cannot be broken down to acids but to energy (ATP) for strengthening of the gum and tooth.

6. Relieves toothache: Camellia Sinensis (Green tea) extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that relieves major and minor aches in the gums and teeth. The aloe vera gel also contains anti-inflammatory agents which work together with CaGP to combat toothache.

7. Reinforces the gum: The blend of aloe vera gel and white tea protects the gums, strengthens it at the root and prevents/treats major gum issues such as tartar, bleeding gum, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.

8. PH buffering: Food-grade trisodium phosphate contained in the toothpaste is responsible for maintaining the weak alkaline pH of the oral mucosa thereby neutralizing any acidity (the major cause of tooth decays)

9. Fluoride-free: Fluoride is suitably replaced by a blend of CaGP, xylitol and white tea. This combination produces results ten times better than normal fluoride toothpastes.
Most paste on the market has fluoride as their major ingredient. Kids have the tendency to swallow when brushing their teeth. The fluoride makes the brain dump and a good dentist will always recommend a fluoride-free paste for kids.

Summary of key functions:

  • Relieves all forms of toothache
  • Treats bleeding gum, gingivitis and periodontitis
  • revents tartar
  • reduces/eliminates sensitivity
  • Deep cleansing
  • Protects enamel from demineralization
  • Whitening

*Reinforces the gums

*Prevents and cures mouth ulcers

*Provides fluoride-free decay resistance

And the most important reason why I recommend it to a family with kids.

This Longrich White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste has the following attributes: For treating tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath and tooth decay. The combination of TCS and soft abrasive can make your mouth clean and healthy. The blend of strontium chloride and aloe extract can protect gum and strengthen your teeth at the root..It abrasive to clean teeth, It provides an extra benefit to health beyond it antigingivitis effect in toothpaste. It contains a mineral supplement required by living organism.It contains strontium chloride hexahydrate to reduce pain in sensitive teeth and helps in building bone. This product is just more than ordinary toothpaste, it’s made from natural herbs and it helps to kill the bacteria that eats up the gum, whitens the teeth and freshens the breath.

So if you know anyone with BB (Bad Breath) ……………🤪

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Full Longrich International Business Presentations

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Better life better future 


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    Tel: 0243968452

2 . Tema Community 1 Stockist
Code: 1036
Location: Stadium Road. Opposite Zoomlion Tema Office, Behind Danny’s , and adjacent the Traffic Light.
Contact:0267870000 Ken.
3 . Korlebu-Accra
Mrs Juliet- 0242748935

4 .North Legon office
Dodowa & Westland thus around GIMPA Mrs.Osinbajo- 0204516341/ 0248859030

CONTACT: 0560901238

Prentice Memorial Clinic which is opposite Dansoman Polyclinic.
For more information please Call Dr Prentice.
Tel : 050 321 7315
: 027 693 9333

Name of Company: Copperfield Industrial Limited
around Flat Top
Aunty Rose : 0243 656 120

5c. Ho-Volta Region-Office

23 Glalah Street

The first story building on your right when coming from The Ho Municipal Hospital / The Second Story Building on your left at the top of Pacesetter’s when coming from the Round About.
Tel.: +233 (0) 30 290 0641/020 179 3435

  1. Takoradi-Western Region
    Opposite The Cemetry, Kwesi Mintim Road.
    We Share Room With The Prestige Laundry
    Tel.: 0209381385

Office #2
At the back of Bank of Ghana and opposite Access bank
Tel +233502196844

You can locate the shop(Office) at New Atuabo. by taking a taxi from Tarkwa station
Victoria – 0244521223

  1. Kumasi-Ashanti Region
    Office #1
    Anloga Junction
    Behind Oforikrom Police Station
    Tel.: +233 (0) 3503969767/+23324 9868046

Office #2
Asafo Near The VIP STATION Tel.:
+233 205871691

Office #3
Maakrom,on the same building with menzbank
Mr. Bismarck :+233 57 113 7889

  1. Northern region
    Office# 1 direction: Opposite Tamale Sport Stadium at the resource center for disable
    Hotline: +233540370602

Office #2 On The Sakasaka Road. After Anointed Electricals Building.
Tel.: +233242225243

  1. Bolga – Upper East

2 Navrongo – Bolga Main Road, Opposite Library junction , Near Information Services Dept. Tel:.

+233 561999339/+233 545720110/+233 205975395

  1. Central Region Office#1-CAPE COAST
    DA VILLA Guest House. Ekon Junction.
    Tel.: +233244883665

Kasoa​ Stockist Office#2
Location: On the main bojuase road opposite MenzBank 5 minutes walk from the main road.
For more information call this line 0266471244.

*Winneba Stockist Office #3
Location: Winneba junction roundabout, in the same block with Ashfoam Depot and few meters away from Later Day Saint church.
Tel: 0243867235, 0206722234
Mr. Ghartey

  1. WA – Upper West
    Stockist Code – GH1039
    Regional Health Directorate
    Tel : +233244959874
    Madam Justina
  2. Brong Ahafo Region
    Direction: From the Sunyani main station, just pick a car to Ahafo kenyasi. On your arrival, you can Locate the LONGRICH Sub-Office on the Kenyasi No. 1 Bypass Road near MKV residence.
    Lady Monica:
    0243672335/0208554384 Gideon:
  3. Eastern Region
    Office#1 :Akosombo high street near the KENKEY HOUSE and opposite ATIMPOKU POLICE STATION thus within superior oil filling station. Tel 0243047059/ 0548340312/050369951

Tel: 0243241213

  1. NEW STOCKIST AT NUNGUA. Opposite LAWEH UNIVERSITY close to GCB Training School 0244295799
    👉 We do home delivery in any part of the country
    👉 Expect nothing but the best of customer service from us

Top Longrich Products You Can’t Miss

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Longrich is an internationally famous company with decades of experience in the bioscience industry.

The company has a global presence and hundreds of products in its catalog that includes home goods, health and beauty products, and other items for improving the quality of life.

If you want to give Longrich a try, but don’t know where to start, here is a list of Longrich products and benefits that will help you make up your mind and live better.

  1. Sheep Placenta SOD Milk

If you’re looking for a Longrich cream that will keep your skin beautiful and glowing, this may be your best choice. Thanks to the high content of active ingredients, the Sheep Placenta SOD Milk is a must-have beauty product for anyone who wants to slow down the skin aging process and get rid of minor and bigger skin imperfections.

2. All Purpose Cleanser

Lots of Longrich products reviews rave about their all-purpose cleaner, and for a good reason – it’s not easy to find a cleaning solution that not only efficiently cleans all kinds of surfaces and objects around the house, but also has a very mild formula that is safe to use in every house, including homes with very young children..

3. Energy pot

Whether you are a big fan of cooking and love to try new kitchen equipment, or you take your family’s health very seriously and want to use only the safest cooking tools, the Energy pot by Longrich is definitely worthy of your attention.

Available in several popular sizes, this product helps preserve the nutrients in the food and keep its original taste and texture.

4. White Tea Nourishing Soap

White tea is known for its healing and nourishing abilities, which is why it’s not surprising that this Longrich soap is one of the company’s bestselling products. With white tea, honey, and coconut oil, this soap has very mild cleansing properties while also rejuvenating the skin and giving it a silky smooth finish. It can be used both on your face and body.

5. Longrich Slimming tea

If you’ve tried every available weight loss solution and still haven’t achieved the desired result, the product that may prove to be very effective is Longrich slimming tea.

This tea is rich in natural components, which is why it not only helps you get rid of excess fat and reduce your appetite but also lower your blood pressure and cleanse your liver, giving your body a long-awaited refreshment.

6. Longrich Anti-Mosquito Spray

Mosquitoes are a very common problem that can ruin your day of camping or even a night in your own home. This harmless anti-mosquito spray will repel the insects for up to 8 hours, giving you plenty of time to have rest or enjoy your time in nature. The pleasant aroma is a nice bonus to the very effective properties of this spray.

7. Bone M Formula for Healthy Bones & Joints

The health of our joints and bones inevitably deteriorates over time, but there are several ways to slow down this process. One of them is taking the Bone M Complete Formula for Healthy Bones & Joints, which comes in convenient sachets and is super easy to take anywhere with you so that your body would receive the care it needs non-stop.

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Benefits of Joining Longrich

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Benefits of Joining Longrich

1.Longrich has wide and unique range of products. There is always a product for every member of the family irrespective of age or gender.
2.There is no compulsory monthly purchase in Longrich. You buy your products when you need to.
3.Longrich will never flush your hard earned points and force you to start all over. The same points you started with and accumulated over the years will still remain with you and help you go through ranks.
4.Registration is free. You can get a membership code free of charge. However, membership is validated with purchase of products.
5.No targets and No pressures. The only reason you will not be able to sleep as a Longrich partner is the thought of the potentials in Longrich. When you fully understand that you can get anything you want with the Longrich platform, you will have sleepless nights mapping out strategies to get them.
6.Longrich manufactures her products. This means, cost of manufacturing is reduced, hence a reduction in the overall cost of products. Show me one MLM company that manufactures her own products. We are in control too.
7.The Longrich business plan structure fosters teamwork. You can only succeed here if you are a team player. And team work makes the dream work!
8.Personal Development. The skills I have acquired in the process of becoming a network marketing professional are enormous. I feel like I already have an MBA. I am a better manager and leader.
Opportunity to be a shareholder! This is the deal breaker for me. Irrespective of your qualifications, you can actually earn profit shares as A Star director! Please show me any MLM company that does this!
9.Legacy for the future. The only sector that has millionaire rich kids is the entertainment industry. Today, Longrich has joined that sector to have millionaire rich kids.
10.Products Efficacy and testimonies. This is another deal breaker. A company can try to match our business plan but cannot match the number of testimonies we get from Longrich products. They work and they work.
11.Longrich MLM is biggest in China: Some Network marketing companies can operate successfully in Nigeria with no record of existence in their country of origin. Longrich has its biggest market in its country of origin which is China

If you wait for everything to get Perfect before you ACT, then you will never get anything DONE. Act NOW join the Rich Faimily… Join LONGRICH. Whatsapp +233548915728 (0548915728) 


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“Everyone dreams of success, but only a few eventually realize their dreams because most of them cannot find a good platform suitable for their career. Longrich provides exactly such a platform for all who have longed for success and never stopped pursuing their dreams.”

Mr. Xu, Zhiwei (俆之伟)
– Chairman of Jiangsu Longliqi Bioscience Co., Ltd.

– MBA, Senior Economist

– Representative of Provincial People’s Congress (Jiangsu – 10th, 11th, 12th)

– Influential Man in China Household Care Industry

– Top 10 Creditable Entrepreneurs in China

– Top 25 Outstanding Chinese Managers

– The Most Influential Man in China’s Cosmetic Industry

Direct sales companies generated over $150 Billion in revenue worldwide in 2002.

Over 91 Million people worldwide earn extra income through Direct selling and entrepreneurship and are giving back to their society.

Longrich is number 10 in DSN Top 10 Asian companies and number 44 in 2012 DSN Global for 2012 (Longrich Jiangsu Longliqi)

It is an opportunity to be in a good environment in which everybody has an equal right to succeed (Russia).

The time we have, the freedom we enjoy… Being able to travel all over the world …. It’s incredible, our lives has changed tremendously (Spain).

It really did change our lives for the better (united Kingdom).

The simple dreams of being able to live without direct debt means everything … because it connects to your health, it connect to how you love somebody else (Indonesia).

Now I could design a life where I could help people, empower people and really achieve the things that I wanted my life to be about (united states of America).

My lifestyle has changed dramatically. Its freedom (France).

I can’t explain the happiness I got after achieving the success. I feel I’m really free with my life (Sri Lanka).

That was a dream for me to provide a world –class education to my children (India).

We get along better and I want to tell you that this is something huge for us …. For our lives, it’s marginal to be part of this (El Salvador).